Let me help you make RV buying a much easier process. As a certified RV inspector, I will go through the RV front to back, roof to underbelly and everything in between.


Would you buy a house without an inspection?

I didn't think so! Yet most people buy an RV without an inspection.

Whether you are a brand-new RV buyer, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned pro an RV inspection will help you to make the most informed decision on that major purchase.

If you are considering buying an RV I believe that you should have firsthand knowledge as to whether the RV you are considering purchasing is a good buy or not. An RV inspection gives you the confidence and knowledge to buy a new or used RV with peace of mind.

  • An RV Inspection offers a comprehensive visual examination of the RV roof, exterior sidewalls, front and back, underbelly, and interior. It will also cover important appliances such as the generator, refrigerator, furnace, AC units, plumbing, water heater, water pump, and much more! Catching an existing issue with any of these items now can save you from costly RV repairs.

  • When shopping for an RV, you will realize that there is a lot of equipment and machines that go into creating the vehicle. From electrical to plumbing to mechanical, there are different components that must work perfectly together so that you can have the best RV experience. If you are buying a used RV, you must take into account all these factors before you purchase the RV.

  • But will you be able to recognize the problems and the potential issues that a used RV might have?

  • Do you have enough knowledge and understanding of each part of an RV to make an informed decision?

  • While you may know about some equipment, understanding each one of them is not possible unless you are an RV inspector. And you cannot trust a salesperson to walk you through each and every potential problem that the RV may have. After all, they are trying to sell the RV and wouldn’t want to explain all the minute issues that the RV may have.

Inspection Pricing


$ 500
  • Safety inspection
  • 30 to 50 photos
  • 36 points of inspection
  • Fluid analysis extra (see below)

FULL (Popular)

$ 850
  • FULL RV & safety inspection
  • 80 to 100 photos
  • 200+ points of inspection
  • Fluid analysis extra (see below)


$ 1200
  • FULL Inspection plus...
  • Aerial drone footage
  • 360º interior tour
  • 2 fluid analysis (when applicable)

Full Details

  • Basic & Safety Inspection

    This inspection will test and check that all systems (awnings, slide out(s), auto level landing gear, generator, inverter, etc.) including the plumbing and electrical are working, Smoke alarms, CO2 detectors, LP detectors, and Fire extinguishers will be tested and verified that they are up to date. All appliances (refrigerator(s), stove, microwave, AC, furnace, water heater, water pump) will be tested and verified that they are working. The tires will be examined for tread wear, cuts, gashes, and any other road dangers. I will test and check that all running lights, lights (interior and exterior), electrical outlets, and USB ports (if applicable) are working and functional. All other mechanical and nonmechanical systems will be tested as well such as windows, doors, cargo doors, locks, latches.  The Basic/Safety Inspection is $500 and will take approximately 4 hours to complete and will include 30 to 50 photos of the unit.

  • Full Inspection

    This inspection covers the Basic/Safety plus a full roof inspection where I will get on the roof and closely examine it for any soft spots, water damage, rips, or tears in the roof membrane. The front cap, rear cap, and side seams will be examined for any sealant separation or sections of missing sealant for areas of potential water intrusion or water damage. I will inspect the AC shroud(s) for any signs of damage as well as a visual inspection of the AC unit(s). All roof vents, skylights, and fans will be inspected for any signs of damage, missing sealant, or water intrusion. I will get under the RV and inspect the frame, axles, leaf springs, and tanks for any signs of rust, damage, or leaks. The entire interior of the unit walls, windows, ceiling, floors, doors, cabinets, and furniture will be checked for any signs of damage, water stains, mold, and rot. The Full Inspection is $850, will take approximately 6 to 8 hours, and will come with 80 to 100 photos of the unit.

  • Premium Inspection

    This inspection covers the Basic/Safety and Full Inspection plus two-fluid draws (Engine Oil, Generator Oil, Coolant oil, etc.) and sent for laboratory analysis when applicable. The Full Inspection also includes a full 360 High-Resolution Photo tour of the interior of the unit and aerial drone footage of the exterior. The Premium Inspection is $1200 and will take 8 to 10 hours and will come with approximately 120 photos, drone video, and a 360 tour of the interior.

What is Fluid Analysis/Testing?

Fluid Testing (lubricants and coolants) is an economic way to find out what’s going on inside your engine, generator, or transmission, without disassembly. A comprehensive fluids analysis is offered as an add-on to our standard motorhome/RV inspection and as part of an ongoing program for motorhome/RV owners. These tests apply mostly to motorized units. However, some larger towables are being delivered with generators that can benefit from these tests.

  • It should be noted that a full spectrum of fluids analysis should be run on a brand new motorhome, as a baseline, for future tests. Our laboratory keeps a history of each vehicle on which tests are run. This way, they can give a more detailed fluids analysis.

  • Having a full spectrum of fluids analysis run, at the time of purchase of a new motorhome, gives the lab an invaluable benchmark to refer back to, during future tests.

  • Fluid Sampling; Oil, Transmission, and Coolant, Highly Recommended for all Inspections on your RV, generator & Aqua Hot System.

  • To draw a comparison, when you visit your doctor for your annual physical, prior to seeing the Dr, blood tests have been ordered, lab reports obtained so the Dr can fully understand what is going on inside your body. The same is true with fluid sampling for your RV. Fluid sampling is an important portion of the inspection process.

*Fluid Sampling fees are additional to the Inspection fee.
4, 5 & 6 samples include overnight shipping to the lab.

JG Lubricants for RVIC


Fluid Analysis & Testing Prices


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